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"UK's Worst Hair Disasters" (BBC1, Weds 8pm)  Makes my dodgy black roots look so harmless. And makes me love my hairdresser even more than I did before. I liked the blue highlights though, they looked cool, not sure my boss would be so happy, but...  Hmmmmm, where's my hairdresser's phone number again?

"Walking With Cavemen" (BBC1, Thu 8pm)  I could go on & on about the "ground breaking TV", the brilliance of the make up, the technology that's made it possible. But you've already read that in last Friday's papers. I was expecting an Attenborough, it seemed like it should have an Attenborough, and instead I got Dr Winston & his moustache. I think the moustache is a celebrity in its own right. In fact, I heard a rumour that Dr Winston's moustache is going to be appearing in Panto next year in Great Yarmouth. 
Fascinating show though.

"Eastenders" (BBC1, all week)  Razzin'-Frazzin' Week Long Specials. I don't believe it anyway. Phil Mitchell is about as innocent as a tub of Haagen Dazs. One moment of pure observational comedy that kept me giggling for ages. "Your bag's ringing."

"Animals Do The Funniest Things" (ITV, Sat 7.25pm)  Not to be confused with "The Planet's Funniest Animals" (ITV, Sat 12.30pm)  The first featured Tony Blackburn and Tara Palmer-Tompkinson, a load of bad puns, and a selection of videos of animals doing cute and/or amusing things. Whereas the second featured some American bloke, a load of bad puns, and ... OK, yeah it's pretty much the same programme.  Plenty of the clips were the same too, or had been on Tarrant on TV, You've Been Framed or It'll Be Alright On The Night. A bit much twice in one day, couldn't they have found an old episode of Scooby-Doo or something?  Well, at least there were two programmes this week that didn't feature Davina!

"The Murder Game" (BBC1, Sat 9.15)  OK, this is probably the most bizarre idea the BBC have come up with since that Jeffrey Archer thing. Half the contestants are annoying me within the first fifteen minutes, and not only the one with far too much make-up who said she was "thirty something - Classified"  39 and ten halves maybe. Strange concept for a show, but then again there's enough people try and figure out Who Dunnnit in Diagnosis Murder everyday. Odd.

Quiz answer of the week - Yellow.



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