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Surprise Weddings (ITV, Tues & Thurs 9pm)  What the **** kind of stupid concept is this? I was DYING for one of the blokes to turn round and say "Sorry love, but I've been aving an affair with your sister/best friend/neighbour/cat" As if any of them were actually likely to say no. 
I'm not about to come over as the moral minority, or start going on about the Sanctity of Marriage, but doesn't it just cheapen the whole thing? Let alone the fact that it's another selection of publicity seeking wannabes after their five minutes in front of a tv camera.

"Eastenders: Mark Fowler's Story" (BBC1, Sat 7.25) Errrr..what? Sort of Mark's story, sort of Todd Carty's story, sort of Eastenders getting very self-congratulatory & slapping itself firmly on the back. This Is Your Life without the book and the boring family bits. Waste of half an hour. Couldn't they have found a repeat of Are You Being Served instead?

"The Luvvie Awards" (ITV, Sat 9.30)  Yay! Celebs getting brought firmly down to earth. Rightly so. This was surprisingly good fun - although if they'd invented a category for having an opinion about absolutely any subject under the sun,they'd've had to give it to Paul Ross. Got famous for having a brother (because, obviously that's such a difficult thing to do), and now rents out his face and allegedly expert opinion to every clip show, best of and award ceremony going. I suppose it pays the rent.

"Eastenders: Trevor & Little Mo" (BBC1, Sun 7pm) What is this?  Eastenders Specials Weekend? Actaully, no. Whereas the Mark Fowler show was self-congratualtory nonsense, this was a much more sensible show. Part of the Hitting Home season on domestic violence, showing the storyline, and the background that went into one of the most serious subjects 'Stenders has dealt with. A good reminder of the drama, and a good way of raising awareness.

"24" (BBC2, Sun 10pm)  Series 2. A new day. You know the deal with this, near "real time" (an hour sqaushed into 45 mins to make space for the adverts in the USA)  Keifer Sutherland, blah blah blah. Middle Eastern nuclear terrorists. Wonder where they dreamed that idea up from? And why is it already 8am in the first episode? Unless this series is really 16? I know the world and his dog were hooked last time out, and probably will be again, but it's SOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo slow and dull. 24 weeks, bearing in
mind it'll get pulled off for virtually every sporting event on the planet, we'll probably reach a conclusion in about October.  Or I could ask a few friends and ruin it for you by about April.  Hmmmmm.

Quiz answer of the week?  Barry Grant.


Picture from BBC - Drama - 24

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