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As you know links are one of the most valuable sources of traffic. We are actively seeking link partners that complement Scribe weekly. Categories include but are not limited to: Film , DVD, Radio, TV , Music , Food & Drink , Weather,  History , Crosswords and Forums.

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Trace - Online writing community with good discussion boards.

Steve Boyle Writing -Free to use archive of recent topical comedy.

Prep on Demand Topical comedy writing service from

Rawnervepromotions-The Number 1 Metal Webzine. News, interviews, reviews, articles, profiles, shows, gigs, photos, artwork, links, more.. - is a new kind of website. It invites writers,
amateur and professional, to submit short stories and verse. Actors, also
amateur and professional, are invited to read them. offer over 1,500 magazines with cheap price, you could save up to 92% TV reviews of the latest programmes. Practice your writing skills and develop your style to be a TV critic.

Food & Drink Cooking  recipes fast and easy, nutrition and diet information for adults and kids - everything about kitchen

Weightloss index
Get the latest information on weight loss, diet, health, fitness and more to help you lose weight successfully.

Health Resources Your online resource for health! Fitness equipment. Weight loss information, health fitness and nutrition information, children's health and more

Radio Where Radio profesionals showcase their talent.

Media UK Excellent Media Directory.

ukRadio Radio industry news. Good board on Radio related topics.

Radio Now Radio industry news and good selection of radio related links. Excellent portal for Radio Presenters.

Paul Denton Personal site of UK radio presenter Paul Denton.

Music The Idea behind 'Call Home' is similar to that of the various Guilds of Master Craftsmen. Call Home is an international guild of Bands and Musicians united to protect one another.

Sport -Welcome to, the 'unique website produced by Professional Groundsmen and Greenkeepers for everyone who has an interest in sports turf and lawns'.

Weather 2-5 day forecast with percentage chance of snow in winter.


Barres Uk design and supplier of Renewable products including ground and airsource heat pumps,  solar thermal and solar PV and Underfloor heating.


The Affordable Watch  Shop. The place for quality watches, including TAG, Rolex and Omega. - Vegetarian B&B chalet in Ullapool Wester  Ross