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Issue 33

Time for a Rant!  We haven't had one for a while, and it's about time we did. "Bootleg" (BBC1, Sun 5.55pm)  Something's should not be suggested, even in jest. Politicians breeding (or attempting to), another 1960's fashion revival, The Spice Girls reunion tour, and the prohibition of chocolate. No. Never.  Especially on a Sunday tea-time.  There might be children watching, the elderly, people of a nervous disposition, or chocholics.  I'm
scared.  It might give people bad ideas.  After all, it is the run up to Christmas, the season of Goodwill and Quality Street to all men (women and children, obviously).  Oh well, one thing to keep me sane, I'm off to a chocolate factory before next week's episode, so I'm going to buy the biggest bar they've got.  Just in case, you know!
Actually, this has the makings of a classic Sunday night drama.  Fun for all the family, a subject we can all relate to. Believable fantasy, but quite frightening in it's way. The moral comes across a bit top heavy "Don't take democracy for granted". Just please, never, ever let this happen. I'm begging you.

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled column. "Sports Personality of The Year" (BBC1, Sun 8pm)  Maybe I'm reminiscing through the same rose-tinted glasses that make people buy Abba Gold, but didn't this used to be interesting?  Didn't it used to be won by real personalities?  And didn't there used to be more than one British sportsperson to achieve something worthwhile in any given year?  I'm not knocking Paula here, well deserved award, just the general programme.  Tim Henman's been nominated for the last
5 years or so, but he still hasn't achieved anything.  In fact, he hasn't got a personality either, but that didn't stop them giving the award to Nigel Mansell one year.  Let's put the entertainment back into sport.  More Daley Thompsons, more John McEnroes, more Alex Higginses, more George Bests, more Gazzas (actually, forget that last one).  That's what we need.

Just a quick mention here, but an important one. "Diagnosis Murder" (BBC1,weekdays, 2.10pm)  Daytime TV at it's peak (OK, that's not saying much, but even so)  Mystery, medicine, and that one factor guaranteed to make me smile - Dick Van Dyke! Huzzah!  It might be repeats, but so what?  It's Diagnosis Murder!  And no, I'm not going to go for that Dick Van Dyke joke. You know the one.

I tried.  I really tried hard not to start watching "Fame Academy" (BBC1, Fri 8.30 & various others).  I couldn't tell you the names of the folks in at the start.  But there's been nothing else on of late on a Friday, and it just sort of happened.  At least this bunch of wannabes have to show marginally more musical talent than the ITV puppets.  I can't bring myself to watch the final though.  It was bad enough that Malachi went, but to let Ainslie go too?  British public, I am ashamed of you!  I'm heartbroken. And if those two lovely boys need comforting after their defeat, my door is always open.  Mmmmmmm-hmmmmmm.


Photo from BBC - Fame Academy - Home Page click to visit

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