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"Steve Leonard's Extreme Animals"
(BBC1 Weds, 8pm) Or, more importantly, Steve Leonard's extreme naked backside! Always a good way to start a show. I'm going to be hooked for the rest of the series in the hope of getting another look.  And cute little penguins and baby bears are a good way to keep my attention too. See, I'm not all mean and nasty, promise.

"The League of Gentlemen" (BBC 2, Thu, 10pm) You either love it or you hate it, and whatever I say isn't going to make a scrap of difference. I'm half convinced that this isn't actually comedy though. I get the feeling it's really a giant reality TV thing, pretending to be scripted, kinda like Blair Witch in reverse. I've lived in these places, I know. And it answers the question many sports fans have had over the last few weeks... what's David O'Leary doing now?

"Michael Jackson's Face "(five, Sun,9pm) Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!  Uri Geller can say all he likes about "Michael's a very spiritual person", as far as I'm concerned "screwed up" would be a better description. But we don't get to see Jarvis Cocker miming a fart at the Brits very often any more, so that made the odd combination of psychoanalysis and fawning a bit more bearable. It just goes to show if you've got enough money you're called a tortured genius, but if you're Joe Bloggs from the council estate, you're called a freak and given Care in the Community. Great (although scary) morphing of the faces, I have to admit.

"Holiday - You Call The Shots" (BBC1, Mon, 7pm)  More naked men!  This time in a sauna in St Petersburg. All this nudity is getting a bit much for me, I'm coming over all peculiar. Though that might equally be something to do with the odd camera angles on this, a bit too much vodka maybe? Sadly, they still haven't used my suggestion - to let me go on the holiday instead of the presenters. (It's got to be worth a try, eh?)

"The Office" (BBC2, Mon, 10pm)  Time for a quick poll... If you sang along with the "Ma Na Ma Na" bit at the beginning, raise your hand. Knew it! The only problem watching this is I get pins & needles from sitting on my hand trying to stop myself slapping the TV every time David, well, breathes to be honest.


Picture from BBC - Nature People - Steve Leonard

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