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The Mid-Summer New Year
Retro Review Part 2

Have I Got 2001 For You? (NYE, BBC1)  Not terribly original, just a "best of" package under a different name.  I'm not going to argue though, I've got a soft spot for Ian Hislop, anyone who can take so much punishment and keep coming back for more is alright by me.

Eastenders (NYE, BBC1)  I've not managed to do any ironing since!  Don't answer the door Little Mo, it's Trevor, and he's going to try and attack you.  Bit obvious really, even if it hadn't been all over the papers.  One more bash and she could have finished him off.  Shame.

I Love The 100 Best Top 10 Lists Of The Fast Show Ever (NYD, BBC2)  This year, I have been mostly watching "best of..."'s.  Or something.  Paul Whitehouse is something pretty close to a genius, although a roast potato can be pretty close to a genius given the right geography.  I love The Fast Show, and I wouldn't have been too upset if this had been all old stuff, but the handful of nes sketches made it even better.  Wheee!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (NYD, BBC1)  Not quite as essential as last week's Mary Poppins, but it stands a fair chance of being the first thing you've conciously watched in 2002, and it's got Dick Van Dyke failing to carry off some bizarre mutant of a Cockerneeeeee accent again.  Start the way you mean to go on, I say.

The World's Strongest Man Finals
(NYD, BBC1).  Did you think I would miss this opportunity to letch?  I've watched all the heats, but the final is by far the best.  A whole hour of big muscly blokes lifting cars, carrying barrels, flipping tractor tyres, pulling trains and hefting those massive stone balls at the end, all against the backdrop of some gorgeous scenery.  The Brits, well it's a shame really,  but the fact they got this far it an achievement among all those huge Scandinavian types. John Inverdale looks positively puny, but he seems to take being routinely humiliated pretty
wall.  Sleepy time now though, head hurts.  Too much partying.












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