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OK, so there's been a rash of shows over the last few weeks leading up to September 11th. Whatever the channel, whatever the time, you're bound to have stumbled across at least one, and sat there transfixed.  I don't think I can really single out one show to tell the truth.  Respectful, dignified, and just about the right balance.  Between this and the anniversary of Princess Diana's death a couple of weeks ago, there's been some tough tv of
late. Let's let people rest in peace now.

"Top Of The Pops 2000th Edition" (BBC1, Fri, 7.30)  The Quo!  The Quo on TV! More, please!  In fact, I think there should be more old songs on Top of the Pops, kind of nostalgia-like.  Oh, yeah, wait a minute, they already do that on TOTP2.  OK, moving swiftly on...

Ulrika's back. Yep, a new series of "Dog Eat Dog" (BBC1, Sat, 6.05)  As Saturday night quizzes go, this is one of the best. A bit of fluff, a bit of ritual humiliation, and a lot of backstabbing.  Now that Big Bro & I'm a Celeb are over, I need something like this, if only to stop me writing nasty things about Charlie Dimmock.

"It'll Be Alright On The Night 15: Silver Jubilee Special"
(ITV, Sat, 9.15)  No, this didn't make much sense to me either.  Apparently it's 25 years since the first one, and they've made a show every 16 months or so. Only 15 of them?  Actually, I think it's the silver jubilee because each show has now been repeated 25 times.  And over the 25 years Dennis Norden hasn't aged a bit.  I think they froze him in the late 70's, and they just get him out of the cryogenics lab to record these shows and put him back again.  If I had a time machine & could watch the tv of 2102, I'm sure Dennis would still be there, presenting show number 75!

"Out of Control" (BBC1, Sun 9.25)  Pretty impressive this.  OK, you could see some of the set-ups a mile off, but I guess it kept the improvisiation heading in the right direction.  Considering the ages of the lead actors, it just gets even better. And, of course, seeing Tamzin Outhwaite looking rough as a box of frogs will always make me happy.

"One On One - Ronnie Corbett" (BBC1, Mon, 10.35)  Makes a change. Most of these comedy retrospectives seem to have forgotten that there were in fact TWO Ronnies. I'm not sure if I'm surprised that the Two Ronnies ran for 16 years, or that it was only 16 years.  Same tasteless pastel golf jumper, same constrasting shirt open at the neck, it's like the last 20 years never happened. Not exactly filled with shocking revelations, but a nice, gentle
stroll down Memory Lane, via Repeat Fee Avenue.


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