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Uk TV review Issue 28

"Wild West" (BBC2, Tues 9pm).  A new Dawn French outing, it demands a view. Let's look at the history... Vicar of Dibley - funny.  Murder Most Horrid - patchy. So far this is heading more towards the second. She seems to have gone for the option of making all the characters larger than life, and you miss the subtlety of some of the writing in the farcical situations. Maybe that's why Vicar of Dibley repeats so well, because you've missed stuff  (see, I don't hate all repeats) but I can't see the same happening here. Hoping for an improvement next week.

"Linda Green" (BBC2, Tues 9.30)  A much better prospect. But, what's with the cameos? This series has been promoted on its 'special guests'. I want to make something clear, special guests are for talk shows, not sit-coms. They're putting me off a bit. It's kind of a British Ally McBeal this, only without the unisex toilets, Barry White & cast-wide eating disorders. But yeah, it's harmless, it's funny in its way, and I get to sing along to a different song every week. My neighbours are going to hate me.

Oh, now there's a surprise!  A repeat of "Fawlty Towers" (BBC1, Weds 8.30)!  OK, is there anyone over the age of consent in the English speaking world who HASN'T seen every episode of this? Numerous times? Classic it may be, cheap it certainly is, considering how many times it's been shown now. Surely there's something else in the BBC archives, somewhere.

Decisions, decisions! Do I go for Ulrika, trash & "Mr Right" (ITV, Weds 9pm) or that bloke with the 'tache, science and "Human Instinct" (BBC1, Weds 9pm) Well, I'm going to surprise you for once. I went for the intelligent choice. Prof Winston is always interesting, especially in the early parts of a series when he's dealing with cute babies. And to be honest, I've been waiting long enough for Mr Right to come along, I can wait another week for him!  I love the idea I can blame craving chips, chocolate & cake on caveman genetics! Knew there'd be a good excuse. And I got to play one of my favourite TV watching games - Place Spotting! Pamplona, I've been there, I recognise where they were sat at that table in the square. Have to admit though, as the show went on, I was spending a fair bit of time hiding behind my hands going "Ewwwwww" at the squickyness & ickyness.

OK, just time for a quick list before I go.  People who we do not need to know any more about, at all, thank you very much. 1) Ulrika Jonsson, 2) Angus Deaton, 3) Michael Barrymore. So "The Cheryl Barrymore Story" (five, Sun, 9pm) should never have been allowed to happen. There are some things I can live without knowing.  Mmm-Kay?


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