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The Lorr's 2002.

Voted for by a panel of 1.  Me.

  • Best Reality TV - It had it all, romance, arguments, cross-dressing, bunny rabbit impressions.  I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here!
  • Worst Reality TV - desperate self promotion, allegations of vote-rigging, The Cheeky Girls.  The only positive factor is that so few people watched it, plans for another series have been dropped. Pop Stars - The Rivals
  • Best Comedy - Stiff competition foe this one, but for sheer cringe-making laughter and frightening accuracy, this gets my vote.  The Office
  • Worst Comedy - In the loosest sense of the word.  I think it was meant to be funny, but I've enjoyed toothache more. The House That Jack Built
  • TV Event Of The Year - Glamour, music, entertainment, Terry Wogan.  No competition really. The Eurovision Song Contest
  • Best Drama - Difficult choice, there were a fair few strong contenders.  In the end though, for maintaining the tension, moments of high comedy, and still not completely losing it. Bad Girls
  • Best Reinvention - It had gone beyond stale, lost its presenters to Channel 5.  So a new set, a new concept, and bringing back Jeremy Clarkson makes it a hit again in my book. Top Gear
  • Best Looking TV Male - There's only one person I want to find in my stocking this Christmas. Craig Doyle
  • Best Looking TV Female - I had to ask the opinion of the nearest interested bloke for this one.  His response.  Gabby Logan
  • Most Confusing Programme - I loved this, I think.  I just didn't have a clue what was going on for more than two consecutive minutes. Believe Nothing
  • Worst Looking TV Male - You have to wonder if the rest of him is the same shade of Tango. David Dickinson
  • Worst Looking TV Female - Trying too hard, no discernable talent, scary cleavage.  Kerry Katona/McFadden
  • Most Pointless TV Concept - and biggest waste of advertising revenue.  It kept moving around the schedules, it only had about 3 viewers. Mr Right
Merry Christmas folks, save me a glass of mulled wine!


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