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"Twins - The identity Test" (BBC1, Weds 9.00 & 10.35)  One of those two with the hair would have been enough, let alone two.  I think the most interesting thing to come out of this was the generational difference.  Now that there are more twins being born, they're more likely to be treated as individuals, but the older twins were more often treated as some kind of oddity. These seemed to be the ones who believed more in the "twinship" thing, even when no connection was there. The switching experiment was fun though, clichéd but fun.

"William and Mary" (ITV, Sun 9.10)  I feel really bad that I'm not raving over this, I always think I should rave over anything with Martin Clunes in although I'm not sure why. It's just that it's, meh, a bit nothing really. Kind of like cottage cheese. Bland, inoffensive, but it's not exactly exciting either. And a tad too politically correct for my liking.

"Hardware"  (ITV, Sun 10.15) If I'd been awake enough to see more than the first thirty seconds of this, I would have reviewed it.  Unfortunately, you'll have to check back next week.

"Anglian Lives : Alan Partridge" (BBC2, Mon 9pm)  Brilliant!  Made Alan Partridge funny again. Definite improvement on the last series. A spoof interview with the spoof interviewer. Strange concept, but it worked. I loved Digital Dave too. I think I should start a campaign here for Digital Dave to have his own chat show.  Funnier than the Kumars!

"Tarrant on TV"  (ITV Mon, 10.30)  I still haven't quite figured this out yet, after who knows how many series. It's kind of like EuroTrash without the naked Germans, which are the most entertaining bit for me. And I'm not sure which is the most annoying out of Antoine De Caunes & Chris Tarrant. It's the nasty habit of getting all serious around the commercial break that
freaks me out, one minute you're laughing at some Italian women in thongs on a trampoline, then you're watching a public service announcement about child safety online. Weird.

Techno Games (BBC2, all week)  It's Philippa Forrester. Again.  Is she the BBC2 Davina? It's Robot Wars only less interesting.

Anyway, quiz answer of the week.  Marmite.



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