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Issue 41

A Saturday Morning TV Special

C'mon.  We all watched The Lost Prince, Wife Swap, Footballers Wives & Serious and Organised. And we all read the previews in our morning paper, and the reviews in the next day's paper. So if you need me to tell you about them, tough.  I'll bet you weren't awake (or at least not out of choice) on Saturday morning. If you have more sense than me you were probably sleeping off a hangover.

First up, Transworld Sport (Ch4, Sat 8am)  I like this. I'd like it more if it were on of a Sunday evening when there's nothing else on & I'm regularly awake. The jewel in the Saturday morning crown. All the world's sports news. Almost all the real & sensible sports that people watch. And the nonsense that doesn't normally feature, even in local news bulletins on a quiet Tuesday evening in June. Ten pin bowling?

"Diggin It" (ITV, Sat 7.05am) This used to be called Diggit.  Evidently we're not meant to notice the similarity in the title, and believe it's a whole new show. It's exactly as bad as it ever was.  GMTV might normally be better than TV-AM, but not for kids tv.  Cheap Disney cartoons that no-one's heard of because they're beyond unfunny, and over-energetic teens presenting. Bring back Roland Rat & Timmy Mallett (Aaaargh!  Never thought I'd hear myself say that!)

"The Wild Thornberries" (BBC1, Sat 8.35am)  This is made by the same people as Rugrats, possibly one of the best cartoons ever. Sad then, that this falls so far short of the same standards.  A family on permanent safari with a daughter who can talk to animals is never going to be as funny as a gang of talking babies having adventures in the yard, launderette or shopping mall.

"The Saturday Show" (BBC1, Sat 9am)  A tried and tested formula here.  Music, cartoons, special guests, a bit of educational stuff (cleverly disguised as an activity), and lots of fooling around. So what's so wrong with it?  Maybe that TRIED is an anagram of TIRED?  Maybe I'm looking through the rose-tinted classes again at Going Live, Swap Shop & Live & Kicking, but there was always some sort of chemistry between the presenters, and you could tell which were male & which female. These two have come straight out of the "androgynous kids tv" mould, and both look like 12 year old girls. Though I can see why some people might watch Cowgirl!

It might not be as funny now Ant & Dec n' Cat have moved on, but "
SMTV" (ITV, Sat 9.25am) is still the show to beat. OK it's the same basic formula as the BBC offering, but it's got energy, enthusiasm, and Brian from Big Brother. The man who makes Dale Winton look like Mike Tyson. Dontcha just love him? And they have silly songs. I like silly songs.

So, what else have I been watching this week?  Mostly brief glimpses of my own peroxide barnet during the Regal welsh Snooker (BBC2 Wales, all week), but there's not much point in telling you about that.

One serious comment... Live Floor Show (BBC2, Sat 10.35pm) featuring special guest Otis Lee Crenshaw!  I think I've died and gone to Comedy Heaven!

Finally, Quiz Answer of the Week - a baked potato


Logo from SMTV official site click to visit.

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