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"Facelift Diaries" (ITV, Fri 8.30pm) If you dislike your looks that much, why are you subjecting the nation to them on national tv?  eh? Not quite candidates for, but you can kind of see why they're after the surgery. Not my cup of tea, I must admit.  And no way am I actually going to watch the operations. Sorry.

"Posh Nosh" (BBC2, Tues 9.50pm) I'm a sucker for foodie shows.  I'm a sucker for parody. So, place your bets... Yep!  I love it!  Foodie Parody! What a great idea. Who thought it up, I want to kiss them. I'm hooked after 1 show. Minty and Simon are frighteningly accurate characatures of tv chefs, and the builder was fantastic. My only criticism is that ten minutes is just too short. I'm not sure it would work being a full half hour show, but 15 minutes would be ideal.  Please?

BBC3 Launch Night (BBC2 & BBC3, Sun 7.00pm)  I want cable, or satelite, or digital! Now! If only for Re:Covered. You can keep your documentaries about the Appleton sisters, you can definitely keep Jonny Vegas, you can even keep spin-offs from The Fast Show  (there's a reason they were only 2 minute sketches, don'tcha think?)  I want to watch people covering other people's songs on TV. OK, there's always Stars In Their Eyes, but these were real musicians, being themselves, and it was lovely. More, more more. 
I'm a happy girl.

The All-New Harry Hill Show (ITV, Sun 10.35)  It's such a relief to find that this is no less surreal for moving onto ITV. Giving the kiss of life to a Shredded Wheat is an image that's going to be stuck in my mind for
weeks. Frightening really. I'm not so sure we need another reason for Neil & Christine Hamilton to be on TV, but then again, I'm equally not sure there's a reason for Neil & Christine Hamilton in general, so there you go. And please, bring back the Badger Parade. For me?

Quiz answer of the week - David Beckham's mohican


Picture from Posh Nosh site

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