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Uk TV review Issue 29

"Buffy The Vampire Slayer" (BBC2, Thu, 6.45) Ah, welcome back Buffy, or rather Buffy-bot. I always knew Spike's toy would come in handy eventually. Giles is back off to London, Willow's busy resurrecting Buffy, Dawn is annoying & whiney, and Anya is still a ditzy ex-demon. Looks like life (and un-death) in Sunnydale is back to normal. Hold tight folks, I think we're in for a bumpy ride this season.

I'm sure I've mentioned a couple of times how it seems whenever "Have I Got News For You" (BBc1, Fri, 9.30) might have a ratings rival, there's a "new & shocking revelation" about Angus Deayton's sex life. Big Brother 3 launch vs Angus Snorts Cocaine With Prostitute. Start of new HIGNFY series meets Angus Had Affair While Girlfriend Was Pregnant. And now, the biggie. The most eagerly awaited show for a year (for the half a dozen people who haven't already watched it on Sky). "The Osbournes" (Ch4, Fri, 9.30) vs
Angus Sacked Shocker. Cynical, moi? Paul Merton made a worse job of presenting than I expected, he didn't really seem interested in what he was saying, or the teams' answers. But obviously, I had to watch it. For those of you who haven't yet seen Ozzy & co, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until next week.

It's slightly unfortunate timing for "Eastenders" at the moment. The only fire engine seen this week was in Walford & too late to save Trevor from the fire he started. I think Tom's wooden acting might have had something to do with how well the place burned.

No! It can't be true! It can't be the end of the series of "The Office" (BBC2, Mon, 10.00) already. It's only been back five minutes. And Brent leaving too? Does that mean there's no hope for a third series? Although Gareth's exploits as boss might be entertaining, he looks too much like the pre-pubescent IT boffin at MY office to be taken seriously. Two series is too short. They made Keeping Up Appearances for years. There's no justice in this world.


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