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Cooking for someone special this weekend? here's a quick and easy to prepare meal that'll knock their socks off [or stockings] if your lucky !

                      Mussels in Garlic Sauce.

We start with mussels. If you've Never tried mussels now's your chance. There delicious and best of all for those in a rush you can now buy them from the supermarket precooked, you'll find them in the chilled section or ask at the fish counter if they have one. They come in a flat pouch with a Garlic and Butter sauce. All you have to do is empty them in to a suitable container and Microwave for about Five minutes. Serve with a piece of garlic bread. The best way to tackle them is to hold between fingers and thumb And pick out the flesh in one go with a fork. Any mussels that have not opened should not be eaten.


For the main course

                         Omelette Arnold Bennet


One small onion..

3 Bay leaves.

6 black peppercorns.

500ml milk .

500ml water.

400g Skinned and boned Haddock

[can use frozen block]

4 eggs.

Knob of butter.

100g of smoked cheese [Orkney cheddar or similar]

Pack of ready washed Rocket or salad of your choice.

Four Tomatoes.


Peel and slice the onion place in pan with bay leaves, peppercorns, milk, water and fish. Bring to the boil and simmer for about 5 minutes 8 if using frozen fish. Remove fish and break in to small flakes on a plate.

Grate the cheese and beat the eggs together in a bowl add some pepper to season if desired. Heat the grill to a medium heat.

Cook the omelet in a frying pan till the mixture is still a bit runny on top. Add the flaked fish and cook for one more minute.  Place pan under grill for a two minutes remove from heat and add the cheese. Grill for a further minute. Serve with salad and tomatoes.

Jim H