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"The Trouble With Sleep" (BBC1, Tues 9.00)  One piece of advice to the           long-suffering partners... separate beds. No matter how much you love someone, if they're trying to throttle you in the night because they think you're an alien trying to kill them, it's time to sleep alone. Nothing to stop middle of the night nookie, but no matter HOW good that is, it ain't worth a black eye. As for the woman eating in her sleep, nice one, I'll try that excuse myself!

Grrrrrr!  Is there nothing on? Wimbledon, Motor Racing, Football, Horse Racing, Cricket!!!  Doesn't make this job any easier you know. And just for info, the entire nation does NOT stop just because Tim Henman's trying to play tennis.The occasional glimpse of Cliff Richard in a pink shirt is enough to put me off tennis too. Oh, and the fact that the BBC are so scared something interesting might happen, they have to fill the schedule with repeats so no-one will care if they get dropped. Open All Hours,
Fawlty Towers, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, Only Fools & Horses!  It's getting worse.

"Steve Irwin: Giant Crocs of Oz" (ITV, Sat, 6.10)  Is it really evil of me to say that I enjoyed watching him get bitten? I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks like that, honestly. His accent puts me through enough agony, I figure it's some kind of payback. OK, it's a bit more accessible than an Attenborough banging on, but does he have to be so enthusiatic?  It's like watching an overgrown 5 year old. But then again, his wife seems to be a frustrated kindergarten teacher, so all's fair.

"Judgement Day" (ITV, Sat 7.15)  At last, a (relatively) different Saturday night game show. Almost watchable too, Except for the manic screaming woman. Why did they let her win? Why? Not the most taxing show in the world, but just what my brain's been fried in the sunshine, so this passes. Just.

"Drop! The Celebrity" (ITV, Sat 9.15)  First things first, I hate the misplaced exclamation mark. I'm quite disappointed that they fitted them with parachutes, there's a few celebs I'd like to throw from a plane without any safety equipment, but maybe that's wishful thinking. Davina, your day will come.

"Fortysomething" (ITV, Sun 9.00)  Marshmallows, Candyfloss, Fortysomething. 
Light, sweet, fluffy and absolutely no substance.  And irresistible.  I don't expect this to be any great shakes in the drama stakes, but it's cute, it's Sunday night tv, and I've got to get up in the morning. Spot on!

"Big Bro 4" (Ch4, E4 all the time)  Is Lisa a bloke?  I don't think so, but she's got a bad case of helmet hair!  Apparently there's an Australian reject being shipped in too, but what that's all about I don't know. Glad we're shot of Tania, her blusher must have been about to run out, so now we have Fake Tan Woman to replace her. I'm hoping they fail this week's task, make them starve, serve them right for getting cocky and betting 100% of their budget. Hard choice on the evictions this week. I like all of them, so purely to keep what bit of drama there is left in the house, vote Nush. 
But don't say I said so.



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