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"Wild In Your Garden" (BBC2, all week 8.00 & late) and "Bill Oddie's Best of British" (BBC2, all week 8.30) also known as "Lookit the Key-uuuuute Ickle Animals Hour"  Which I guess makes a change from the usual diet of soap, reality and trash that I get force fed every week. This was fairly educational too, if you like that kind of thing, if not turn the sound off & look at the cuteness.  Relaxing and Real, though I couldn't help singing the Madonna classic "Bill oddie, Bill Oddie, Put your hands all over my body". I sang that to him once you know, he looked quite worried.  Wonder why?

Talking of looking worried, the tourist board of Faliraki must be shaking in their collective boots if they've seen "Club Reps: The Workers"  (ITV, Thu 10.30)  Working in the very loosest sense of the word. Drinking, getting a suntan & trying to sleep with someone new every week isn't working in my book. Drunken slappers the lot of 'em, truth be told. I'm positive Faliraki isn't actually like that, in the same way that Ibiza, Corfu & all the rest weren't, they only pick out the worst, the most shocking moments, and a fair bit of it is staged, but even so. And the look of them? Am I allowed to say MINGERS??

"Holiday, You Call The Shots" (BBC1, Mon 7pm)  Nice concept, scenery and making the celebs do what you tell them to. Wouldn't I love to send them to a strip club or something? Two problems though.  1) No Craig Doyle 2) Richard Whiteley
Rowland Rivron was bearable, but Richard Whiteley?  Purlease!  I don't watch
Countdown for a reason, I can't stand him. I figured I'd be fairly safe with the BBC seeing as he's employed by Yorkshire TV, but no, up he pops!

"Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" (BBC2, Mon 10.00)  The Stannah Stairlift man
considering the age of most of the pickers so far. How about they have someone under pension age on? Then maybe more than one of their choices would still be alive.  But I think this has conclusively proved that Bob Monkhouse is going senile. Why else would he want to have dinner with Jeremy Beadle?

"Big Brother 4" (Channel 4, E4 all the time, eternally)  Bye-bye to the NakedAmbition! Did you see he falling out of her top on Friday night?  Bit late to get 'em out now love, unless she's hoping to get asked to do a nude centrefold for the Daily Sport. Federico's really getting on my proverbials now, but he's not even up for eviction this week, so I'm hoping he does something else stupid & gets kicked out instead. Or maybe there's a plan afoot to throttle him in his sleep, which is just about all he does.  However, after last week's success, this week I'm urging you to VOTE JON! I can't stand his droning on any longer.  Grrrrr.

Quiz answer of the week - Chicken Dinner.


Picture from Scottish TV site click to visit.

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