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"Boohbah" (ITV, weekdays, 3.15)  There's a reason I don't watch children's tv, isn't there? Despite admitting a certain fondness for Rosie & Jim, and being sorely tempted by a Pingu video the other day, kids tv hasn't really been the same since I left infant school. But I found myself watching this the other day, and had to check I hadn't overdosed on cough syrup. Makes the Telly-tubbies look sane (and that's saying something!) 5 lightbulb shaped creatures (if you turn your head to one side & squint a bit) that squeak, burble and fall over. Then, for no obvious reason, a small Asian
woman digging on the beach. Please, watch this and tell me I'm not hallucinating!

"Early Doors" (BBC2, Mon 9.30) A week late because I missed it and watched the repeat on Saturday, but never mind, eh? Strange one this, you can see Craig Cash's fingerprints on it a mile off, even the theme tune reminded me of The Royle Family.  Why didn't they just call the pub the Feathers and be done with it? Anyway, I'll give this a few weeks more, it looks like it could get better. Or just feature even more random song lyrics.

"Top Gear" (BBC2, Sun 8.00) Bring back the fat bloke! Who is this 70's throwback with Jezza & the demented gnome?  I can't work out why I keep watching this, when all I know about cars is where I put the petrol & how to turn the wipers on, but I think it might be something to do with the random insults directed at the studio audience, John Prescott & Mondeo drivers.

"Blue Murder" (ITV, Sun & Mon 9.00)  After the first 15 minutes, where I kept expecting Martin Clunes to appear from nowhere and grab Caroline Quentin round the waist, I got quite in to this. Sunday that was. All relaxed, bit of funny and apart from one shot of belly slit open, all was right with the world. False sense of security time!  Monday comes along and I nearly lost my dinner. Nearly unnecessary levels of violence. And who would have expected the feeble looking wifey to have been into slitting people open?  Ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

Quiz Answer of the week - Marjorie.

Now, quick instruction for you before I go.  Go out & buy lots of ready meals, instant noodles etc, because it all kicks off again on Friday! Big Brother 4 is almost here.  Stick around for your week by week digest and random nasty comments.


Picture from BBC - Top Gear click to visit

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