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"Hollywood Science" (BBC2, Weds 7.30) Fuuuuuuuuuuun!  Anything with Kryten
in it is fun, serious or silly. Whether the Hollywood stunts are vaguely plausible situations - fascinating. I've always wanted to try and electrocute an inflatable shark in a paddling pool, but who hasn't? Winning the lottery, marrying Robbie Williams and electrocuting plastic sea creatures, perfectly normal ambitions. And a bonus bit of James bond is always good by me.

"The Murder Game" (BBC1, Sat 10.30) Am I the only person still watching this?  Seems like it. It's getting stranger by the week, and sick though it may be, I'm hooked. It's failed as a reality show, in that the nation isn't as obsessed as by Big Brother/I'm a Celeb/Popstars etc, but the work that's gone in to it is fantastic. The investigation has got so many twists and turns it's impossible to second guess it.  Dead babies in the cupboard?  Definitely weird. I must remember to turn it off before the Killer's Game though, that bit's too scary for me, I was hiding behind my duvet.

"Ground Force Does Mardi Gras" (BBC1, Mon 8.30) aka Tommy & Charlie have a
holiday on the license fee. They can have all the specials they like, but this just isn't the same without Alan Titchmarsh. Tommy, Charlie, Kirsty and Willie are completely lacking in charisma, and neither Tommy nor Charlie can talk well enough to do the voice overs. Too dull, and too many names ending in "eee", it's not cute just annoying.

"The World's Strongest Woman" (BBC1, Mon, 5.30)  Those of you who've been
paying attention will remember this was reviewed in the very first column, almost a year ago (along with Hayley Mills), so you've probably got a fair idea what I'm going to say. John Inverdale, big scary muscly women who you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley (or would you?), huge weights.  If I weren't so scared of them, I'd call it fluff, but I don't think that's the right word. Love it!

"Millionaire: A Major Fraud" (ITV, Mon 9.00)  Everyone else may as well have
given up. Face it, almost everyone with a tv will have been watching it. We've read the questions over & over in the papers (I knew it was a googol, but didn't know Anthony Eden's hat) and there's been so much coverage of the trial in the press you just HAD to see it for yourself. A little bit too much analysis for my taste, but a good range of "Witnesses", all in all fascinating. Maybe it was overkill to show the episode on ITV2 afterwards, after all we'd seen all the questions, and all the coughs, but that's one of life's little mysteries.

"Snooker" (BBC1&2 and Eurosport all week) Yay! It's Sheffield time again! So far I'm hating the purple and yellow scorecard, still hating the remixed theme tune, really loving the fluked brown by Alan McManus, and itching to drive up the M1.  Patience, patience. Easy pleased, me.

Finally, quiz answer of the week - Strawberry Shortcake



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