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"Britain's Cleverest Animals" (BBC1 Weds, 7pm) Strange.  Cute but strange, and slightly unnecessary. Didn't the Beeb do this about 15 years ago as Birdbrain of Britain or somesuch? I like the squirrels best, but that's cause they're little & furry. Still, better than another repeat.

"Mr Bean: The Animated Series" (ITV, Sat 5.45)  Gah!  Some things shouldn't happen. Terry Wogan in a swimsuit, Jade Goody presenting Newsnight, Jeremy
Clarkson standing for political office. And now we can add animated Mr Bean to that list. Sorry, but the live action was annoying enough. There was a brief fashion for making animated spin offs of series about 10 years ago in the USA (Bill & Ted, etc) but it stopped for a good reason. It's not funny. Repeat, Not Funny.  Let it die, now.  Painfully if possible, it's making me lose the will to live.

You can tell it's summer, can't you? Rain outside, and the TV schedules come up with this little gem.  Hi-De-Hi (BBC2, Sun 6.15) followed by Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em (BBC2, Sun 6.45)  I wouldn't be surprised if the next set of BBC logos feature the theme tune for "Why Don't You...?"  They seem to be encouraging everyone to go out for a nice relaxing walk of a Sunday evening before settling down with a cup of tea and a scone in front of Alan Titchmarsh. Not that I'm complaining.  I like Hi-De-Hi, and at least they've resisted the temptation to show Fawtly Towers AGAIN!

"Big Brother4" (Channel 4, all the time, forever)  One right, one wrong so far in the evictions.  Come on people, who really wanted to save the most boring bloke on the planet?  But I was right last week about Anouska doing a nude spread. Sunday's Screws of the World had her in the all together on the front cover (and about half a dozen pages inside at my guess)  Looking like the cheap tart I already had her down for. Difficult vote choice this week though. Jon is annoying the pants off me, and boring me to sleep every night, but Federico needs a damn good slap, and stands a fair chance of getting boo-ed out of the house. So, please, sacrifice an extra 25p, and
vote for both Jon & Fed. Please?  For me?

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Picture from Big Brother official site

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