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"That Bit Of Film Of The Statue Being Pulled Down" (Every Channel, Every
Fifteen Minutes, All Week)  Yes, it's an historical moment, yes it will feature in all those "Top Ten/Twenty/Two Hundred TV Moments Of All Time" type shows, but we've seem it enough now. If there was a bit of variation, like at the start of the Simpsons, then it'd be more interesting. How long before some unscrupulous type starts selling alleged bits of the statue on EBay? (I can't find any yet, but I did find the Deck Of Death playing cards)

"The Biggest Women In Britain" (ITV, Thu, 9.25)  I thought this series had
finished, but there you go. Nice to see a positive programme about big women, rather than being portrayed as weak or victims. A bit predictable maybe, but better role models than Geri et al. Worth waiting the extra 25 minutes for.

"My Dad's The Prime Minister" (BBC1, Sun 5.35)  Quality Sunday Drama. What
the BBC does best, still. Written by Ian Hislop (among others), featuring Robert "Kryten" Llewellyn, pure class. Laugh out loud funny in places, light but not too fluffy. Brilliant!

"Dial A Date" (ITV, Sat 1am) I forgot to make any New Year's Resolutions in
January, so now I'm going to make a New Tax Year Resolution... I promise I will not turn on the telly after midnight again. Pure Lowest Common Denominator TV.  Post-post-pub nonsense. And the girl showing off her thong? No comment!

"What Not TO Wear" (BBC1, Mon 9pm) On the Red Carpet. Oh the beautiful irony that the acid tongued twosome chose to stroll down the carpet in front of the flashbulbs in a Brosette Quiff/ill fitting black effort (Suze) and Tinsel wrapped tea tray (Trinny) effect. Mmmmmmm, stylish! Sophie looked stunning though, and to be honest, they couldn't have made Jo Brand look any worse than she already did! I'm just shocked how polite they were. If it weren't for trying to cop a feel of Nicole Kidman's cleavage, I'd've thought I was watching something else!

Finally, quiz answer of the week - a Ferrari



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