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"Who's looking after your child?" (ITV, Thu 9.20) Frightening stuff, even if
you don't have kids of your own.  Part of me thinks this is a tad on the
over-dramatic side, too much emphasis on what can go wrong, not enough on
how to make it go right and the positive things that professional childcare can offer our child. (and I hate, hate, HATE the idea of the "nanny-cam") But it's an important issue, and one that people have little experience in
making the decisions involved.

"Grand National" (BBC1, Sat 3.45)  Horses.  Leg at each corner, big teeth,
look a bit like Princess Anne. Jumping. Or failing to in the case of the
ones I had any money on. I'd like to be all enthusiastic, but as ever I lost, so I can't. The whole country watched it though (I took a look out my front window - it was like a ghost town.)

"Stars In Their Eyes Kids" (ITV, Sat 7.00)  Car Deeley seems to be turning into a junior version of Davina - any programme, any channel, she'll present it! I'm not so evil as to comment on the talent of the sprogs on the show, or to make the obvious comments about Matthew Kelly's absence, but does the world need another Kate Bush, whatever the age?

"The Weakest Link" (BBC2, Mon 6.20)  I'm not sure what was so politically sensitive about the Fresh Prince that meant it got pulled off in favour of a Kids Special edition of the Weakest Link, but these things are meant to be a mystery.  I'm confused though, I've never seen a British kids special, and there have been a few cases of adult contestants on the US show trying to sue for the emotional trauma of Anne Robinson's ongoing existance, and yet it's the Americans who made a kids show. Odd. By her usual standards she was relatively gentle though, think they must have increased the dosage of her tablets.

Yes, I know, it seems to have been all kids specials this week.  But that's the way the tv seems to have been. Either that or the war, and there's only so much you can say about Trevor McDonald.

Quiz answer of the week - Frankfurters



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