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Beef Stew with Cobbler topping


For the stew

500g of diced stewing Steak.

One medium Onion.

Half a small Turnip.

Beef stock granules.

For the topping

150g self raising Flour.

Pinch of salt.

150g of Grated Cheddar.

One Egg.

50ml Milk.

These days were all pretty cosmopolitan in our tastes. Most of us can whip up some classic Italian, Indian or Mexican dishes which is great. Often though classic British dishes are being forgotten. So why not try this recipe next time your struggling for inspiration. Basically it's just a beef stew with a cheese scone mix on top. Sounds odd I know but it tastes great.


Chop the Onion and place with the Beef in a large Microwave and oven proof bowl. Sprinkle with some Olive oil and cook on high for six minutes or so in a microwave [ 800w] stirring half way through. Drain off any excess fat peel wash and chop the Carrot and Turnip and add to bowl. sprinkle on some Beef granules and top up with boiling water till meat and veg is covered. Place in a conventional oven at 190C for two hours or until meat is tender.
Now make the Cobbler topping: Mix the Flour, Salt and Margarine. Now add the cheese and work in to mixture. Add the Egg and Milk and mix in to a smooth dough. Roll on a floured surface in to a shape about 1 cm thick to fit your dish. When stew is ready place Cobbler toping on top and return to the oven for a further 12 minutes.  Serve with some mashed Potatoes and enjoy.

Jim H


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